Entertainment visas

The Temporary Work Entertainment visa is for visiting artists who wish to come to Australia to preform or take part in some other ‘activity’.

Only ‘Entertainment Business Sponsors’ can sponsor artists under the subclass 420 visa.

An Australian organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia can become an Entertainment Business Sponsor by applying to the Department of Immigration. When applying to become an Entertainment Business Sponsor the Australian organisation must provide evidence of its financial status and that it is lawfully operating within Australia to the Department of Immigration.

Once sponsorship is approved, the Australian organisation can then nominate an ‘activity’ and apply for a subclass 420 visa for an artist to come and preform in Australia. During the nomination phase the Australian organisation must consult with the relevant Union and provide evidence that the proposed activity will bring a ‘net employment benefit’ to Australia.

Once the nomination is approved the Department of Immigration then assesses the visa application itself.

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