Three year working holiday visas to Australia

Three year working holiday visas to Australia

The Australian government recently announced the introduction of a third year option for working holiday visa holders (visa subclass 417 and 462) who, from July 1st 2019, complete 6 months of regional work while holding their second year working holiday visa.

What does this mean?

If you apply for a working holiday visa to come to Australia you are granted a visa for one year. If you then go to a regional area and work in the agricultural industry for three months while holding your first working holiday visa you become eligible for another working holiday visa for a further year. Now with these new changes announced, people who are holding their second working holiday visa who then work in a regional area for a further 6 months are then eligible for a third working holiday visa and are able to stay in Australia for another year. They do not need to go work in a regional area during the third year of their stay.

It is hoped that these changes will help Australia’s agricultural industry find desperately needed workers.

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