Entertainment visa
(Temporary activity visa)

The entertainment stream of the temporary activity visa subclass 408 is for visiting entertainers, musicians or performers who wish to come to Australia to perform or take part in other activities. The visa can be used by entertainers as well as associated production or support staff coming into Australia for performances, studio recordings, media or film production. The Entertainment Visa covers most types of work in the entertainment industry.

 West Aussie Migration specialises in helping overseas talent come to Australia and has organised hundreds of visas for internationally recognised DJs, musicians and entertainers.

There are very particular requirements for the visa and West Aussie Migration prides itself on doing all the hard work for you through our streamlined process. We take the stress out of the process and are used to dealing with large entourages that often come with high profile artists such as dealing with management, sound technicians and any other members of the group who wish to travel to Australia.

West Aussie Migration has been in business as a migration consultancy for a number of years and we are well versed with the conditions of the Temporary Activity visa and how to apply correctly to the Australian government’s Immigration Department known as the Department of Home Affairs. Get in touch with us today.