Nomination Application

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The nomination application can be lodged simultaneously with a business sponsorship application or after the SBS has been lodged. The nomination is concerned with how the position fits within the business, whether there is a genuine need for the position and also whether the salary that is being offered is in line with what an Australian in the same position would be paid. 

As part of the nomination stage the Department of Home Affairs also requires that the business undergo labour market testing to ensure that there aren’t any local people available to fill the position. This is essentially showing that the business had at least two advertisements published for the position as well as posting the advertisement on the government’s Workforce Australia website (three advertisements in total). If the advertisement was published on an online recruitment website like Seek for example, then the Department of Home Affairs expects that you had the advertisement ‘live’ for 28 consecutive days. The adverts can be published online, in print or on the radio but the medium must have national reach.

If the advertisement is published in print media or on radio, it is expected that applications or expressions of interest for the advertised position were accepted for at least 28 consecutive calendar days. Please note that the whole 28 day advertising period has to have taken place within 4 months of lodgement of the nomination.

It is mandatory that you include the following information in the advertisement:

  • the title, and/or a description of the position;
  • that it is a full-time position;
  • the skills or experience required for the position;
  • the company name and the annual earnings for the position (note that a salary range instead of a specific salary is also acceptable)the skills or experience required for the position;