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West Aussie Education’s Education Agents can advise about the various universities and higher learning institutions in Australia. After discussing what kind of institution you are looking for, our agents will help you sort through your options to find the right institution and course for you.

Let West Aussie Education help you improve yourself and land a job in your dream career!

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Australia remains a premier destination for tertiary study. With high quality institutions, a robust regulatory system and location in Oceania, Australia is a dream destination for overseas students wanting a superb education.

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Qualified education agents

WAE has qualified education agents that have an excellent knowledge of the Australian tertiary education sector and can provide you with all the information you need about the application process and what studying in Australia is really like.

In-depth knowledge of all courses offered in Perth

We have in-depth knowledge of all courses offered in Perth and the surrounding regional areas.

Fluent in Japanese and Korean

WAE has native English and Japanese speakers but are also fluent and Korean

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What services can we provide?

Easy, Direct, Help for long term visa

WAE agents will help you to complete the application forms and will deal directly with the institution on your behalf, which will take some of the work and stress out of the application process for you.

Easy approach application process

WAE agents will help you to complete the application forms and will deal directly with the institution on your behalf, which will take some of the work and stress out of the application process for you.

Direct access to migration agent services

WAE has direct access to migration agent services due to its parent company West Aussie Migration employing a Registered Migration Agent.

Help Improve your chances of gaining long term visas

We can show you options that help improve your chances of gaining long term visas or possibly permanent residence in Australia. The Australian visa system is complex and it is important to choose the right course to ensure you have the best options in the future. We are highly experienced in the Australian education system and in the Australian visa system and so we are confident we can help you.

Popular Courses

West Aussie Education has agreements with many schools across Australia. We work closely with ELICOS/English schools, vocational schools and the tertiary sector.

Commercial Cookery course

There is a huge shortage of chefs in Australia, especially in WA. Qualifications may not be necessary if you want to work in a kitchen as a cook or a kitchen hand. But if you want to work in higher positions or in high-end restaurants, having a qualification gives you an overwhelming advantage. 

Furthermore, chefs can easily get a job anywhere

 The cookery courses are offered by vocational colleges and are generally run over two years.  

Study Plan 
Certificate Ⅲ (1 year)

During the Certificate III students study the basics of cooking, food safety management, the basic rules in the kitchen and being learning the foundational skills to become a chef.

Certificate Ⅳ (6 months)

: The Certificate Ⅳ builds upon what students learnt in the Certificate III and puts these skills into practice in real life kitchen settings. 

Diploma of Hospitality Management (6 months)

Students studying this course acquire the knowledge needed to manage a hospitality venue. This is not cookery course but we recommend you take this course if you want to obtain a temporary graduate visa upon completion.

English requirements for advancing to the cookery course.

IELTS Academic Module 5.5 must be obtained for admission. However, most of the schools provide their own English courses for few months for people who have not reached IELTS 5.5. In this case, after completing the English courses, a student will be able to enrol without the needed IELTS points.


Due to the shortage of nurses in Australia, they are actively hiring foreign nurses. 

Nurses in Australia have high status and responsibilities, and their salaries and working conditions are very good compared to other countries, so nowadays many people are considering studying in Australia with the aim of becoming a nurse.

English requirement for advancing to Nursing course

After 1st July 2020, IELTS Academic module over 7.0 (each section over 7.0) must be required for admission to Bachelor of Nursing in all Australian Universities.

Therefore, high English skills are required even before enrolment. Some Universities have English courses belong to their Uni. But IELTS 7.0 is essential requirement for admission.

Nurse qualifications in Australia
Nurse qualifications in Australia are as below:
  • Registered Nurse  - Bachelor of Nursing 3 years
  • Enrolled Nurse  -  Diploma of Nursing   2 years
  • Assistant In Nursing  –   Certificate Ⅲ half year

A Health Service Assistant course, is also something that could be recommend for someone who wants to work as an Assistant Nurse, and is relatively easy to obtain.


Accounting is one of most popular courses. Because accounting is essential for all businesses, Accountant is a very demanding occupation. 

If you obtain a qualification such as Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) in Australia and meet certain condition, you may have chance to work as an accountant in not only Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zeeland or United stats of America. 

Bachelor of Accounting is a 3 year course in University. If you have a Bachelor of Accounting in your country, you may be able to transfer to a Bachelor's degree course or go on straight to a Master / post graduate degree course. This course is recommended  for those who want to work in the office or who are business minded.

English requirement for advancing to Accounting course

IELTS Academic Module 6.0-6.5 for Bachelor and 6.0-7.0 for Master or Postgraduate are required for admission.

MBA Course

MBA is an abbreviated of “Master of Business Administration”. The aim of this course is to train managers and management professionals in a short period of time. This degree does not necessarily lead to the specific jobs. However, ever year, more and more people are choosing to study an MBA course at an Australian graduate school to improve their working skills and career prospects.

English Course / IELTS Preparation

English language skills are essential for any course, for living in Australia, and for living globally.

There is no doubt that having high English skills will bring you more options for your life in the future.

The Australian dollar is cheaper than other English-speaking currencies, and the warm climate, cheerful people and safety make Australia a great place to learn English.

If you are still thinking what you want to do in the future, it is not a bad idea to learn English first, and then you can consider what is next.

The English courses are flexible and can be short or long term.

  • Learning English for daily life   - General English
  • Stepping up for business   -   Business English
  • Going on to high education course - Academic 
  • For preparation to get English for a Visa  -   IELTS course

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Answering your questions and giving the right advice is what we do! Contact us today to find out how we can best help you find the course you want.

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