May 5, 2021

457 visas abolished in order to protect australian jobs

The at times controversial visa to be replaced with 2 separate visas

Changes to the 457

First of all, what is the 457 visa? It is a visa that allows overseas skilled workers to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. They must be sponsored by a business who proves they couldn’t fill the vacancy with an Australian. To get a 4 year visa, their job must be on a government list of occupations deemed difficult to fill by local workers.Most people granted 457 visas are highly skilled, employed as professionals, managers and technicians/tradespeople.

What are the changes?

The 457 visa is to be abolished, and replaced by separate 2 and 4 year visas that will be harder to get and more expensive.The list of occupations has had 180 entries removed and those on the new visas will not be able to apply for permanent residency, as they could under the 457 visa system.

The cost for employers to sponsor the visa holders will increase to $1,150 for the 2 year visa and $2,400 for the 4 year, compared to the $1,060 for the 457 visa.

Visa applicants will now need to have at least two years experience in their job category and there will be a strengthened training requirement, generally requiring employers to contribute towards training Australian workers.

Another big change is that there will be stricter English language test requirements.

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