May 5, 2021

Changes to minimum payments to migrant workers under scrutiny

The controversial 457 visa was replaced by subclass 482 last year, and both have provided an option for Australian businesses to bring in migrant workers when vacancies are proving difficult to fill. However it was seen as either allowing temporary migrants to be pressured to work for extremely low wages or removing job opportunities for Australians.

The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) is a salary – set at $53,900 — above which temporary skilled migrants must be paid. Recent moves by some regional areas to allow concessions, known as ‘designated area migration agreements’ (DAMAs), have allowed workers to be paid even less than the TSMIT such as in the Goldfields area of Western Australia.

However the TSMIT has been held at the same level since 2013, meaning it has slipped compared to the rising cost of living due to inflation.

The director of employment at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jenny Lambert, said the TSMIT was already set to an amount to ensure visa holders could support themselves.

“If the TSMIT is set too high then it makes many occupations, particularly in regional Australia, ineligible regardless of whether the employer is willing to pay the TSMIT

“For example, if the market rate for a mechanic in Kalgoorlie is under the TSMIT then the application is ineligible regardless of how desperately the community may need a mechanic.”

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